We provide tailored strategies to help with all things property.

Tailored Home Loans

We connect you with brokers that find the most suitable home loans for your current situation. Our people often have a different set of needs when it comes to finance, so finding finance that suits the client specifically - around their goals and what they want.

Exclusive Off-Market Investment Properties

We’ve work with the biggest buyers agencies, builders and developers in Australia. We can get blood from a stone. We find investment opportunities that simply aren’t available to general public, and we’ve made them available exclusively to Indigenous Wealth clients.

Finding High Growth Areas

Creating tailored investment deals

We Help You Build a Property Portfolio

Did you know there are less than 100 Aboriginal property investors in Australia? Our team have used their network to build property portfolios for people from all walks of life, and has an extensive experience around this. All of our Indigenous Wealth consultants are also property investors themselves.

Refinancing Current Home Loans

Many of our clients aren’t aware of their options and have previously been paying too much on their mortgage repayments. We connect our clients with professional brokers that review their financial circumstances including value of the property, interest rates and market conditions to get them a better mortgage. This has allowed our clients to put these savings into repayments for an additional investment property as well as providing them with additional savings.

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