Our Process

We have broken down our full process to assist in showing you how we grow your wealth.

Step 1. Identifying How I.W. Can Help

Our initial phone call looks at your position financially and helps us assess how we can help you.


Step 2. Organising a Meeting

Next steps are to organise a face to face meeting so we can get to know each other and discuss our possible options.


Step 3. Strategy Session

Next we decide on strategy and develop a consulting agreement and collect pre approval documents that we might need.


Step 4. Make the Moves

We now take action as I.W will guide you through every single step until the end and further. Taking you through the property transaction process/refer on to business referrals and refer on to finance referrals.


Step 5. Stay on Track

We have ongoing meetings to re-visit your strategy with I.W regularly to ensure we are staying on top of the market, current trends, unique opportunities, and changes to finance legislation.


Step 6. Grow

Take your investments to the next steps and continue to build wealth in the long term.


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