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John Kelly
Fire Inspector
How we helped
  • Business Development
  • Helping John buy his first Investment Property
  • Building a Property Portfolio

John Kelly was born and raised in Prospect, NSW and works as a fire inspector for one of Australia’s largest Fire Safety companies in Australia. John grew up and lived in housing commission throughout his younger years and knew what it was like to live below your means. He started out working odd labouring jobs, and for a friend as a tiler, until he landed his first career as a Fire Inspector. After gaining some momentum John looked for other ways he could build his personal career and fortune, which led him to Indigenous Wealth, through a mutual friend.

Brad went and met John personally, and together they both discussed their personal journeys, lives, goals, and opportunities. By doing this we were able to get a much better understanding of John and what he wanted to do. This allowed us to create a comprehensive plan for John that would see him achieve his goals in a much shorter timeframe and for less money than he ever expected. John is now in conversation for his 2nd property, and is planning to start a business with his partner.

“When I first met with Indigenous Wealth I had no clue what to expect. We sat down and talked for a long while about my goals and what I wanted etc, and we started talking about different ways we could achieve it. I was nervous and in the back of my mind thought this is probably too good to be true. Brad answered every question I had and made everything run really smoothly. Being my first property I sort of expected a whole lot of headaches and stress but anything I needed, Brad was there or had already sorted it for me. Easily the best thing I’ve done for myself in a while, money-wise anyway.”

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